Here I go again


I’ve started up (and closed down) a number of blogs over the years.

At first I ran two sites, one which detailed everything I thought was interesting about my life. New walks, fun days out with friends, what was going on in my local town, etc, etc. It was deadly dull, even if you knew me and had some vague interest.

At the same time I ran a blog about photography and technology, on which I’d place useful articles about how to do this or that, reviews, stuff about the Apple Mac, etc. This site also contained a lot of “have you seen this…”  style posts, with only a little genuinely new writing.

The main issues I had with both sites was a lack of time. I simply could not invest enough in them to make them useful or create new content. To me, blogging is a hobby not a full-time job. I also came to the realisation, with the more personal site, that I just didn’t want to give so many details of my life in such a public way.

I decided to re-start the photo blog and drop the other one. I thought that I needed a place to show my personal photography, so the images had some purpose, some reason for being after I’d pressed the shutter. I mixed this with some new writing, mainly reviews and tests.

I’ve now realised that this too, does not work for me. It became clear the blog was driving my photography and had taken over as the reason for capturing the image. I’d feel compelled to go out and make an image worthy of being put online. As a result the photography was not about me and what I found interesting or which formed part of a project that I genuinely wanted to pursue, but part of “the blog”.

It stopped being fun and instead became an attempt to make the blog successful, useful, to get noticed, to get more views, more follows, etc. More like a job.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to put up here this time, but it will be things that I want to write about. Perhaps something I’ve done, I like, I’ve captured. I probably won’t detail things to the N-th degree or provide tutorials, that’s too much like hard work. You, the reader, may not find it interesting or even useful. But it will be what it will be and it will be for myself, as something I enjoy doing.

So, here I go again.


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